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photo by Leila Seppa

photo by Leila Seppa

photo by Leila Seppa

photo by Leila Seppa

Inspired by Love.

Educated by Heartache.

Driven by Change.


I am an extroverted introvert who is practiced in the art of finding humor in all the wrong moments. 


As a photographer, I have a passion for the intimate and candid moments of relationships, whether they are between friends, family, or any other kind of relationship along the spectrum.


As a filmmaker, I tend to incorporate traditional narrative storytelling and framing, with the less represented discourse of queer relationships, thus allowing a space to subvert traditional representations and create new forms of critical inquiry in familiar visual language (a fancy way of saying that I like to challenge the expected.)


As a human being, I love love, cheeky humor, and fun swear words.


(Photo by Leila Seppa)

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